Vivacious Penguin

Vivacious Penguin

🙈 What is your Financial Personality? Find out
Being a Vivacious Penguin means...

Wild penguins are gregarious performers and can be affectionate and agreeable, taking time to lovingly decorate their nest (with sticks!) and shower their partner with gifts. (Hey, the perfect stone is heartfelt, if you’re an Arctic land-and-water bird!) 

Financial Penguins may also be extraverted, which may translate into excellent communication skills. And communication skills are a big plus when it comes to making joint financial decisions! Penguins tend to have a solid financial foundation and an appreciation for adventure—which, in financial terms, means they may prefer to pay for experiences rather than possessions. However, they may not track their money day-to-day and as a result, may not have as clear a sense of where their money is going.

You are in good company! In fact, 19.8% of all financial personalities are Vivacious Penguins. Want to know few things Vivacious Penguins often have in common?


Ready to talk, even about money!


Probably enjoys spending on charity/others


Maybe not be the best at saving receipts and tracking


Penguins are likely to have felt somewhat comfortable with their financial situation from early in life, and they usually aren’t afraid to talk about money. Often this comfort with money manifests in generosity. Penguins tend to be happier giving to charities and spending on loved ones than upgrading material possessions.


Here’s the rub, though—Penguins may be better at talking about money than actually managing it. Many Penguins lack a strong interest in budgeting or investing. Sometimes they’re not sure what money they have coming in or where it’s going. As a result, some Penguins may accumulate more debt than they realize.


There are a variety of tools available to help Penguins understand their spending habits and strengthen money management skills. Many Penguins don’t worry much about money, which means they may underestimate the importance of financial skills. Financial education, targeted discussions, and concretely outlined projects (committing things to a paper or digital notepad) may help them stay focused.

Life is all about connections! Find out how Vivacious Penguins relate to others when it comes to money topics.


Penguins sometimes lack insight into their own spending habits, particularly if they consider an expenditure “unselfish.”  This could make them tough financial partners at times, because they may have difficulty understanding why a partner disagrees with an expenditure that they view as positive.

Partner Tip

With Penguins, negative framing and overt criticism will shut down a money (or any) conversation quickly. Try couching suggestions in praise. (I.e. “I appreciate that you want to give to this great cause, and I love your generosity, but I’m worried that giving so much may be out of our budget this month.”)