Savvy Squirrel

Savvy Squirrel

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Being a Savvy Squirrel means...

In the wild, squirrels are organized and aware of what’s going on around them. They stash nuts in a systematic way. When they want a particular type, they know where they’ve hidden that exact nut. 

This is true of financial Squirrels, as well. They can be goal-oriented planners, investors, and savers. Squirrels usually know what’s going on with their money and are probably tracking spending. They tend to have more saved for retirement than any other financial personality. 

You are in good company! In fact, 15.8% of all financial personalities are Savvy Squirrels. Want to know few things Savvy Squirrels often have in common?


Planner, budgeter, and saver extraordinaire!


Comfortable and willing to talk about money


Generally feels positively about money


 Squirrels can be excellent communicators. In nature, they warn their peers about danger both verbally and physically (through frantic tail movements). In financial terms, this means they’re super-comfy with managing money and money conversations. And that’s great, because Squirrels have skills to share.


Squirrels have a lot going for them, financially speaking—and that’s a strength, but it can also be their biggest weakness. Often they had positive early experiences with money and statistically, they tend to be higher earners. Sometimes it’s difficult for them to empathize with the financial struggles of others. They need to be careful not to alienate or dismiss their partner when it comes to shared financial decisions.


Well-positioned to build and grow wealth, Squirrels should consider exploring calculated investment risks. They should seek to share their financial skills with the people close to them, while keeping in mind that financial stuff is complicated and there is always more to learn.

Life is all about connections! Find out how Savvy Squirrels relate to others when it comes to money topics.


They are generally good financial partners, but Squirrels may seem impatient in money conversations or hesitant to share financial decisions about joint life projects. 

Partner Tip

Partners can be be appreciative of Squirrel’s impressive money skills but may also have to be firm and insistent about making sure their own opinions are heard.