Resourceful Giraffe

Resourceful Giraffe

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Being a Resourceful Giraffe means...

Wild giraffes are careful resource managers. They eat from the tops of trees, where supplies are plentiful, and they can go days without drinking, because they absorb both nutrients and water from mere leaves.

In financial terms, this means Giraffes tend to live within their means and can be well-organized money managers. They probably have an idea of where their money is going, and they may tuck away cash for dry spells. But when their lives get busy, money-tracking chores may be among the first to go. 

Financial Giraffes may have survived challenging financial experiences in the past. Possibly they have worked to overcome negative money attitudes, or they may still be working at it. For a Giraffe, financial independence may be a hard-won point of pride.

You are in good company! In fact, 15.2% of all financial personalities are Resourceful Giraffes. Want to know few things Resourceful Giraffes often have in common?


Generally at ease talking about money


Skilled, often self-taught, resource managers


Maybe the past wasn’t so great, but the future is now


Financial Giraffes are generally at ease talking about money. And because they’re adaptable, they may be diplomatic and calm, even if a conversation gets tense. (Wild giraffes have a fluid social structure, full of complicated “code-switching.”) Usually thrifty with resources, Giraffes are often careful not to overspend. 


Giraffes may actually be financially secure, but they may not act or feel as if they are. For some Giraffes, this stems from uncomfortable money experiences early in life. It may take work from both a Giraffe and their partner for everyone to feel (collaboratively!) okay about money. 


Giraffes should initiate financial conversations, both to share their resourcefulness and to create opportunities to work through their financial past and reframe rough patches as learning experiences. Giraffes may be  well-poised for investing and long-term wealth-building, since they generally have adequate savings. 

Life is all about connections! Find out how Resourceful Giraffes relate to others when it comes to money topics.


Giraffes can be solid financial partners, because they don’t shy away from financial conversations. But it’s important to remember that Giraffes may have baggage from financial experiences in their past, and this may affect their view of spending and habits with respect to money. 

Partner Tip

Be patient if a Giraffe seems conflicted about money. It may be helpful to have plenty of information about a Giraffe’s financial (and herd) history when attempting to collaboratively manage expenses. An effective financial partner will ask gentle but direct questions, learn the Giraffe’s triggers, and approach sensitively.