Independent Crow

Independent Crow

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Being an Independent Crow means...

Resourceful and social Crows can be complicated but generous partners. They tend to value quality over quantity in relationships, and in general, they’re fans of using tools to get things done. In the wild, crows fashion tools out of sticks and have been known to leave bits of necklaces as gifts to people who feed them.

Financial Crows may also be fans of tools, such apps, spreadsheets, and logs. They may be diligent in day-to-day financial oversight, and they probably check their accounts frequently. But they may be less diligent in bringing up money issues around the dinner table. That’s because for Crows, organizing their money is likely to be more exciting than communicating about money.

You are in good company! In fact, 8.3% of all financial personalities are Independent Crows. Want to know few things Independent Crows often have in common?


Stays on top of their finances and monitors accounts


Reports slightly higher credit card balances, but maintains a great credit score

Money Moody

May not be excited to talk about money or spending decisions


Crows are often “financially conscientious” (shorthand for intentional and organized), which may stem from witnessing positive money management in their families while growing up or from seeking out financial tools and education in adulthood.


Crows may dislike talking about money, perhaps because they enjoy handling their own money and don’t want to share financial decision-making. Or perhaps because, in some instances, they have a higher debt-load or carry regret over past financial decisions.


As skilled money managers, Crows have financial-organizing skills to share. They should try to initiate regular money talks with those closest to them. In initiating, they may feel less like they’re being “forced” into an uncomfortable discussion.

Because they’re relatively optimistic about money and highly aware of their financial situation, Crows are well-positioned to strategically reduce any debt they may have. Essentially, it comes down to making a budget (which they’re great at!) and sticking to it (which may be a bit more challenging). 

Life is all about connections! Find out how Independent Crows relate to others when it comes to money topics.


Crows can be competent financial partners, but their potential discomfort with money talks may create tension in their relationship. They may become frustrated if they don’t understand something as well as they want to (such as investing) or think they’re ceding management to a partner in a shared financial situation.

Partner Tip

Partners of Crows should be patient and diplomatic in money talks. Understand that collaborative money management may be uncomfortable for Crows, so encourage them to let go of things in baby steps, rather than all at once. Maybe the first step is transparency about shared expenses, rather than complete transparency about all expenses (including individual expenses). And remember to respond compassionately when a Crow opens up about money. Before tackling a difficult topic, such as debt, focus on the amount of love and trust the often self-contained Crow is offering, by allowing themselves to be vulnerable in that moment.