Earnest Meerkat

Earnest Meerkat

🙈 What is your Financial Personality? Find out
Being an Earnest Meerkat means...

Wild meerkats are charismatic, expressive (they cuddle!), and socially-organized. They work well with their peers, dividing communal jobs, taking turns guarding their young, and warning each other about predators. 

Financial Meerkats may also be expressive (good communicators!), but often, they’re not great record-keepers when it comes to money. They may have financial adversities to overcome—namely, difficult past experiences with money. Meerkats really want to work and play well with others, though, so they often have strong motivation for trying to improve their financial co-management skills.

You are in good company! In fact, 15.2% of all financial personalities are Earnest Meerkats. Want to know few things Earnest Meerkats often have in common?


Relaxed in both talking about money and managing money (not a receipt-saver)


Working towards a strong financial foundation, despite past challenges


*May* be a bit of an impulse buyer


Good communication skills may be a Meerkat’s biggest financial strength. Meerkats aren’t likely to shy away from a potentially stressful financial conversation, and they tend to be willing to learn from their peers.


Financial Meerkats may be a bit scattered, since they’re probably not into checking accounts frequently or budgeting. They may not always be on top of the comings and goings of their funds. 


Financial management tools, such as apps that allow users to track spending, can help Meerkats keep up with their money with minimal effort. And regular money conversations, which Meerkats are comfortable with, may help them better understand past financial experiences. Reframing any tough experiences—and hopefully, their overall relationship with money—in a positive way may help Meerkats become more enthusiastic about spending time with their money (i.e. financial record-keeping).

Life is all about connections! Find out how Earnest Meerkats relate to others when it comes to money topics.


It’s easy to initiate financial conversations with a Meerkat, but actually co-managing finances may prove more challenging. A disinterest or discomfort with financial data may result in lack of analysis or impatience during financial decision-making, which may frustrate a financially conscientious partner.

Partner Tip

The good news is that your communicative partner is probably open to hearing about and learning from your skill-set. Partners of Meerkats may need to take the lead in joint financial organization, and Meerkats may need some nudging to play an active role in joint record-keeping.