Discreet Platypus

Discreet Platypus

🙈 What is your Financial Personality? Find out
Being a Discreet Platypus means...

Wild platypuses are resilient, somewhat introverted, quirky beings. They move gracefully in situations where they’re comfortable (underwater) but put them in uncomfortable situations (on land), and they get things done more awkwardly. And platypuses can be inventive! They use electrical impulses to find food in the murky deep and bits of gravel held in their mouth to “chew,” since they have no teeth.

Financial Platypuses are similarly graceful, awkward, and resourceful in the face of challenges. They may be uncomfortable with money due to potentially challenging past experiences, but they probably know what money they’ve got and where it’s going. They may not like to talk about finances, but they’re probably thinking about them often. 

You are in good company! In fact, 7.9% of all financial personalities are Discreet Platypuss. Want to know few things Discreet Platypuss often have in common?


Account checks and financial recordkeeping are their jam!


Thoughtful and deliberate with spending


Into privacy, not so much money-convos


Financial Platypuses may be hyper-conscientious about money management. They probably track spending and have a budget and a frequent habit of checking account statements. They have a lot to share with others about financial organization. 


Platypuses may be (financially) territorial. They have a history of worrying more than most about money, and while they are likely good money trackers, not all Platypuses are great at saving or investing.


Because they’re financially organized, Platypuses have a great opportunity to share these skills with their partners. They may be able to work through their own communication issues by scheduling regular money conversations—which could be especially helpful if their partners are optimistic and have positive associations with money. 

Additionally, Platypuses may benefit from taking a small-scale investment risk and letting go of some shared financial decision-making. Sometimes when they allow a partner to take the lead, —especially when this results in a positive financial outcome—Platypuses start to relax about money.

Life is all about connections! Find out how Discreet Platypuss relate to others when it comes to money topics.


Platypuses may make challenging financial partners, since they are often reluctant to talk about money, but they also have appreciable financial management skills. They like independence, so partners may need to approach collaborative financial decisions with patience and persistence. Even though financial communication can be tough for Platypuses, it’s super important. Understanding the whys and hows behind their money attitudes will help them feel more in control of, and less controlled by, their financial situation. 

Partner Tip

Make sure your Platypus partner is in a low-stress environment before initiating money talks, since Platypuses are sometimes tightly-wound. Ask compassionate, genuinely curious questions about your partner’s financial past. You may have to coax them to open up, but once they realize that you truly understand where they’re coming from, financially-speaking, you’ll probably both relax.