Adventurous Otter

Adventurous Otter

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Being an Adventurous Otter means...

Wild otters are adventurous, buoyant, and social. They’re champion communal floaters, who may also be comfortable with a gamble. They may not know the full strategy, but otters are eager to play.

Financial Otters work to cover the basics but live for the downtime, when they can express their curiosity and independence. They may not worry much about money, but they’d also rather not talk about it. Financial Otters probably aren’t checking their accounts daily, keeping up with receipts, detailing a budget, or logging their savings.

You are in good company! In fact, 13.2% of all financial personalities are Adventurous Otters. Want to know few things Adventurous Otters often have in common?

Selectively Social

Extraverted to a point, but retreats when talking about money


Comfortable with risk

Financially Chill

Not so into checking account balances daily


Often Otters have a solid foundation when it comes to attitudes about money, since their early financial experiences were probably positive. This financial optimism may translate to a willingness to take investing risks, which could pay off in the long run.


Otters’ financial optimism may be a double-edged sword, since a miscalculated risk may have uncomfortable consequences. And these consequences may be especially steep for Otters who take risks without a clear understanding of their complete financial situation. 


Otters should focus on increasing awareness of their own financial situation and capitalizing on their financial optimism. Their relatively calm approach to risk could be a huge strength, if combined with the right information. A renewed commitment to financial self-education or proactively seeking professional help with investments may be a good idea. And Otters, initiating discussions about everything you’re learning can be a great way to bond with your partner, stay excited about money management, and increase your comfort with money talks.

Life is all about connections! Find out how Adventurous Otters relate to others when it comes to money topics.


Otters can be tricky financial partners, because their discomfort with financial conversations may lead them to make financial decisions without insight from their partners.

Partner Tip

Otters may feel shame or guilt about financial risks that didn’t work out or about being less than fully informed on their finances. Approach money talks carefully and compassionately, so that your Otter knows you’re interested in collaborating rather than criticizing. And be open-minded. Otters may need help outlining a budget, but they may also have good investing intuition.