Adaptable Ostrich

Adaptable Ostrich

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Being an Adaptable Ostrich means...

Ostriches don’t actually bury their heads in the sand. If they feel threatened, they press their heads against the ground, in an effort to be less visible. But the anxiety is real. 

Financial Ostriches are independent and can be robust and adaptable, but they don’t always have great feelings about money. Rather than confront the issue head-on, they may dodge it, head-down. (Or if that fails, they’ll simply sprint off into the horizon. At, you know, 43 miles per hour. So yeah, try pinning that one down for a squirm-inducing money conversation.)

You are in good company! In fact, 10.9% of all financial personalities are Adaptable Ostrichs. Want to know few things Adaptable Ostrichs often have in common?


Strong and self-contained

All over the place

Not sure where their money goes, just knows that it’s going


Often feels nervous about money


Ostriches have some of the strongest legs of the animal kingdom. They can actually take out the king of the kingdom, the mighty lion, with one swift kick. Anxiety is incredibly powerful, and when channelled positively, it can be a huge motivator. 


Unfortunately, anxiety can also be paralyzing. Financial Ostriches may be so uncomfortable talking about or dealing with money that they may not recognize critical realities of their financial situation until things are bad.


For Ostriches, the key is in boosting financial organization. Establishing a financial routine, using tools to track and understand spending, checking balances more often, and paying bills promptly—even if you’re paying in installments—are all good ways to feel more in control of your finances. Outlining your financial goals (with or without your partner) can help you stay motivated.

Be kind to yourself, Ostrich, and recognize (and congratulate yourself on!) step-by-step successes, rather than expecting major change overnight. More than any other financial personality type, you have the potential to turn this whole sand-show around. 

Life is all about connections! Find out how Adaptable Ostrichs relate to others when it comes to money topics.


Ostriches may be so reluctant to talk about money that sometimes partners receive unpleasant financial surprises, such as an overdraft fee on a shared account or a large bill. 

Partner Tip

"Tough love" won’t work. Remember, your Ostrich partner may be working to overcome some financial downers. Be encouraging and patient as they try to establish more productive financial patterns. (Science says it takes at least a month to replace a habit!). Help them recognize and celebrate successes.